We are two brothers, Alfons & Hans Smit, born and raised on Texel, where we owned a bulb-growing farm with our dad for many years, the buildings of which are still the base of our business.

Growing up with engineering we started working and tuning small mopeds at a very young age, followed at age18 by autocross. At the same time we also started collecting and restoring stationary engines and soon after that, old tractors. The interest for motorcycles was there from the beginning, and after getting a licence, there were always bikes around, often buying old ones to restore.

Around 1985 we started collecting motorcycles, mostly the Superbikes of the Seventies but covering all types of engineering and design, eg. 1-6 cyl., 2 and 4 stroke, V and inline, Rotary, Turbo, Diesel etc.

Later there came more modern models up to 1994, and especially race replicas and low production bikes, but they had to be street legal models because we also like to ride them on the road. By now this had grown into the ”Smits Dreamland Collection”.

From 1990 – 2000 we have spent a lot of time in the USA, riding the Rocky Mountains, but also Route 66, about 12,500 miles total - naturally on a Classic Bike !!! And while you are there you can’t go home without taking some very nice stuff with you, can you ?

As you can see, we have a wide interest and passion for engineering, and we think it’s now time to provide our knowledge and experience to other enthusiasts, as a business.

Dunstall-Kawasaki Z650 Rt66, Z1-900 / H1-500

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